21 Sweet & Savory Taro Root Recipes You Need To Try

This collection of taro root recipes will inspire and delight you with the incredible versatility of the simple root vegetable. Discover cultural and creative ways to cook it that highlight a humble ingredient in delicious ways.

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Like most roots, taro is an ingredient that can be prepared in such an incredible range of ways that it’s pretty easy to fall in love with. It can become the creamiest mash, deliciously crispy chips, or a sweet dessert the whole family will love.

It’s also an ingredient that makes it easy to bring a little bit of world culture to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory, traditional Hawaiian, Chinese, or Taiwanese dishes, or something fun and new, this taro recipe collection includes a bit of everything.

How to Choose & Prepare Taro Root

When you’ve been inspired by the huge range of taro recipes here, you’ll want to go buy some immediately. I created whole guides about what taro root is and how to cook it, but I wanted to share some quick tips if you’re eager to get cooking now.

  • Choose firm, hard roots that show no signs of bruising, mold, or other damage.
  • Use quickly, or store in a paper bag in a cool dark place for up to 5 days. Avoid the fridge which will make it soften more quickly.
  • The juices inside the raw root can irritate sensitive skin, so use gloves while peeling.
  • Taro root must always be peeled and cooked before eating! It can be toxic when consumed raw.

With these quick tips at hand you’ll be able to try out any of these taro root recipes with success. I hope you find a wide variety of sweet and savory cultural flavors to enjoy at home!

1. Taro Soup with Arugula and Turkey Meatballs

Taro soup with arugula and turkey meatballs overhead shot

This brothy taro soup recipe includes tender chunks of taro root, arugula, and flavorful turkey meatballs. It’s a warm cozy bowl that you’ll be happy to tuck into for lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: Yummy Addiction

2. Crispy Taro Fries (Baked, Fried, or Air Fryer)

Homemade crispy taro fries

Crispy taro fries highlight the sweet natural nuttiness of root veggies in a delicious, golden brown bite. Herbs and spices season them to perfection, making them ideal for a snack or side dish.

Recipe by: Yummy Addiction

3. Taro Milk Tea 2 Ways (with Fresh Taro or Powder)

Taro milk tea with fresh taro

You can make the widely popular taro milk tea right at home using either of my two easy methods. Sipping a sweet, refreshing glass is delicious, fun, and a treat the whole family will enjoy.

Recipe by: Yummy Addiction

4. Homemade Taro Paste

Homemade taro paste in a bowl

Sweet taro paste is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make delicious beverages and desserts. The vegan, gluten free paste is very easy to make and can be stored long term for quick use.

Recipe by: Yummy Addiction

5. Taro Buns

Taro Buns

Easy homemade steamed sweet taro bun with taro paste. This taro bun recipe is authentic, fail-proof, and tastes just like Din Tai Fung.

Recipe by: Rasa Malaysia

6. Taro Ice Cream

Taro Ice Cream

Delicious homemade taro root ice cream is the best treat! Also, taro ice cream is a classic and popular flavored among Asians. Beautiful violet and creamy taro ice cream recipe only has 4 simple ingredients.

Recipe by: Oh My Food Recipes

7. Best Taro and Sweet Potato Balls

Best Taro and Sweet Potato Balls

This classic Taiwanese treat is deliciously chewy and only needs a couple of ingredients. If you love boba, you’ll love these colorful “relatives” of boba.

Recipe by: Cooking in Chinglish

8. Cha Gio Chay (Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

Cha Gio Chay (Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

These homemade Cha Gio Chay are wrapped using ingredients like taro and cabbage for a nutty and sweet filling that you won’t find in stores!

Recipe by: Wok and Kin

9. Sago Soup With Taro

Sago Soup With Taro

This Sago Soup with Taro is the ultimate dessert fix. Creamy with taro, it’s perfect for cozy nights and uses just six ingredients!

Recipe by: Wok and Kin

10. Instant Pot Kulolo

Instant Pot Kulolo

Kulolo or taro pudding is a classic Hawaiian dessert. Warm, chewy, rich, dark brown pieces of kulolo made easily in the comfort of your home using an Instant Pot.

Recipe by: Keeping It Relle

11. Sweet & Savory Salted Egg Taro Dumplings

Sweet & Savory Salted Egg Taro Dumplings

A taro bun remade into tiny bite sized dumplings filled with buttery salted duck eggs, taro and lightly sweetened with condensed milk.

Recipe by: Pups with Chopsticks

12. Taro Mochi with Taro Paste Filling

Taro Mochi with Taro Paste Filling

Soft and chewy homemade taro mochi made with taro powder and stuffed with homemade taro paste. Made completely from scratch, this Japanese inspired dessert tastes nutty, earthy and with a hint of vanilla!

Recipe by: SugarYums

13. Taro Chips

Taro Chips

This easy homemade taro chips recipe can be deep fried, baked, or made in the air fryer. Crispy, flavorful, and a healthy alternative to regular potato chips.

Recipe by: Keeping It Relle

14. Deep-Fried Sugared Taro

Deep-Fried Sugared Taro

This is an addictive taro snack that doesn’t take long to make and so good with a cup of tea!

Recipe by: Cooking with Nart

15. Sweet Taro Buns (Baked)

Sweet Taro Buns (Baked)

Incredibly light sweet taro buns with a creamy taro root filling. Made with real taro root, these soft milk buns are extremely fragrant and have just the right amount of sweetness.

Recipe by: SugarYums

16. Cha Gio (Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls with Taro)

Cha Gio (Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls with Taro)

This recipe features a delicious, savoury ground pork, veggie and taro root mixture wrapped up in thin wheat flour wrappers and deep fried to golden brown perfection.

Recipe by: Sift & Simmer

17. Taro Fritters

Taro Fritters

Perfectly crispy fritters made with taro roots, carrots, garlic, and green onions. Served with a sweet chili sauce!

Recipe by: Full of Plants

18. Egyptian Kolkas – Taro Root Stew

Egyptian Kolkas - Taro Root Stew

Egyptian kolkas is a delicious taro root stew made with a garlicky cilantro green sauce, taro, and homemade broth.

Recipe by: The Matbakh

19. Easy Pressure Cooker Braised Pork with Yam (Taro)

Easy Pressure Cooker Braised Pork with Yam (Taro)

Learn how to make this easy version of braised pork with yam (taro) in a pressure cooker. Tender pieces of pork belly and hearty yam in a fraction of the time.

Recipe by: What To Cook Today

20. Taro Coconut Snowy Mooncakes

Taro Coconut Snowy Mooncakes

These snowy mooncakes are filled with a velvety taro and coconut mixture. The filling is encased in a soft and chewy wrapper that is coloured pink and purple to match.

Recipe by: Constellation Inspiration

21. Simple Arbi Fry

Simple Arbi Fry

Arbi (Taro root) cooked with Indian spices makes a simple side dish which is also vegan and gluten-free. Pair with dal, rice for a complete meal.

Recipe by: Cook With Manali

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