18 Loquat Recipes To Enjoy This Exotic Stone Fruit

This collection of loquat recipes is the perfect way to maximize the short season of the sweet and citrusy stone fruit. Discover how many delicious ways they can be enjoyed while they’re around.

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Traveling has been one of the most informative food experiences in my life, and it was during a trip to the Canary islands that I discovered a unique fruit that my family really enjoyed. Loquats filled the trees there, and it only took one taste to fall in love.

They’re a delicate, sweet stone fruit, but have a mild citrus tang to them. They only grow for a short few months between spring and summer every year, but that makes us want to enjoy them as much as possible while we can.

As it turns out there are lots of ways to use loquats, and this recipe collection highlights all the amazing ways that home cooks have found to maximize the delicate fruit.

How to Prepare Loquats

Before you get cooking, understanding how to prepare loquats can help make any recipe easier and faster. These are my best tips for breaking down the fresh fruit.

  1. Remove the stem and any leaves.
  2. Wash gently and slice around the fruit like an avocado, from stem end to the other.
  3. Gently twist to separate the two halves.
  4. Pop out the seeds and thin white membranes beneath them.
  5. If desired, gently use the edge of the knife or your finger to peel the skin away.
  6. Chop the fruit as needed for your recipe!

Whether you fall in love with a fresh smoothie or juice, or end up loving cakes and preserves, I hope this collection of loquat recipes helps you enjoy every delicious bite of the fruit while they’re available.

1. Loquat Orange Cocktail

Loquat Orange Cocktail

Fresh loquat cocktail recipe mixed in a blender and naturally made with tequila and a splash of sweet orange juice!

Recipe by: Delightful Mom Food

2. Loquat Fruit Crisp

Loquat Fruit Crisp

Use your favorite seasonal fruit in this delicious fruit crisp recipe. It’s healthy enough for breakfast yet sweet enough for dessert.

Recipe by: Well is More

3. Loquat Vegan Cheesecake

Loquat Vegan Cheesecake

Rich and creamy loquat vegan cheesecake topped with fruity loquat jam in a homemade buttery graham cracker crust.

Recipe by: Healthier Steps

4. Potato Loquat Curry

Potato Loquat Curry

Simple and delicious curry made with potato and loquat. It’s an Indian style vegan and gluten free curry.

Recipe by: Madhu’s Everyday Indian

5. Loquat Jam

Loquat Jam

Sweet and tart loquat jam made with warm vanilla and ginger to produce a thick, delicious homemade jam.

Recipe by: The Flour Handprint

6. Loquat Cheesecake

Loquat Cheesecake

Rich and creamy orange-infused cheesecake, with a loquat glaze, and a cardamom-shortbread crust. Best. Cheesecake. Ever!

Recipe by: Hilda’s Kitchen Blog

7. Loquat Salsa

Loquat Salsa

Sharp and tangy loquats are great in this simple salsa.

Recipe by: Quite Good Food

8. Loquat Cobbler

Loquat Cobbler

This loquat cobbler is a great way to celebrate the short loquat season. A simple filling of loquats and sugar topped with a crisp and cakey almond cobbler topping make for a delicious spring dessert.

Recipe by: The Flour Handprint

9. Eucalyptus Honey Loquat Ice Cream

Eucalyptus Honey Loquat Ice Cream

An ice cream with the tastes of Portugal, for which you’ll not need a churn! The eucalyptus honey gives a fresh minty aftertaste and fits well with loquats.

Recipe by: The Adagio Blog

10. How To Make Loquat Chutney

How To Make Loquat Chutney

This sweet and sour condiment makes a delicious bruschetta topping and also pairs nicely with chicken or pork.

Recipe by: Pook’s Pantry

11. Loquat Upside Down Cake

Loquat Upside Down Cake

If your loquat trees are in abundance this season, make this simple loquat upside-down cake. It’s quick, easy, moist, and not overly sweet.

Recipe by: Little Sunny Kitchen

12. Easy Loquat Muffins

Easy Loquat Muffins

Loquat muffins, loaded with fresh loquats and topped with sparkling sugar are mixed by hand and ready in about 30 minutes.

Recipe by: Pook’s Pantry

13. Instant Loquat Pickle

Instant Loquat Pickle

Instant pickle made with fresh Loquat. This sweet and tangy fruit seasoned with mustard and fenugreek seeds makes for a perfect side dish to eat with dal or curd rice.

Recipe by: Madhu’s Everyday Indian

14. Loquat Lemonade

Loquat Lemonade

This lemonade is flavored with loquats! It’s a little floral, a little honeyed, and a lot refreshing.

Recipe by: Delicious Not Gorgeous

15. Loquat Barbecue Sauce

Loquat Barbecue Sauce

A sharp, tangy and spicy bbq sauce recipe to use up that seasonal glut of loquats.

Recipe by: Quite Good Food

16. Spinach Loquat Smoothie

Spinach Loquat Smoothie

A refreshing green loquat smoothie made with fresh loquats and spinach leaves.

Recipe by: Little Sunny Kitchen

17. Loquat & Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

Loquat & Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles

Not sure what to do with loquats? Pair them with strawberries for these yogurt popsicles.

Recipe by: Stetted

18. Tropical Loquat Macadamia Cereal Bowl

Tropical Loquat Macadamia Cereal Bowl

This nutrient-packed Tropical Loquat Macadamia Cereal Bowl is a great way to start your day off the right way with a flavorful breakfast filled with fruit, whole grains, and essential nutrients.

Recipe by: Sharon Palmer

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