How to Cut and Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit? (Pitaya)

The exotic and delicious yellow dragon fruit is a fun tropical flavor to enjoy at home. Discover how it’s eaten, how to prepare it, and the benefits that come with eating fresh yellow pitaya.

Whole and halved yellow dragon fruits

My family and I love all sorts of tropical fruits like star fruit, rambutans, papaya or cherimoya. But one of our more unique favorites is the yellow dragon fruit. You’ve probably seen the pink varieties more often, but the yellow ones are something special.

The juicy, sweet flavor is really delicious and I definitely encourage all my fellow home cooks to give it a try. I think you’ll enjoy them so much that I wanted to share all the benefits that come with eating them, plus some key tips on how to prepare and use them.

Yellow vs. Pink Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit, also called pitaya or pitahaya, or in this case yellow pitaya, is a tropical fruit native to South America.

So what makes the yellow dragon fruit different from the more common variety? Other than a sweeter flavor, it’s mostly about appearance.

Yellow pitahayas are more oval and the outside rind is a bright yellow instead of pink. The inside color is almost a translucent white and they have larger seeds and a higher concentration of sugar.

What Does Yellow Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

From that higher sugar content comes a sweeter, truly delicious tropical flavor. The sweetness also has slightly tart and floral undertones, almost like a kiwi or a pear.

The juicy interior is not only tasty, it comes with lots of health benefits too. They’re high in fiber, iron, healthy Omega-3 fats, and loads of vitamin C, more than even carrots! They’re also low-calorie making them an excellent choice for a snack anytime.

Picking the Perfect Fruit

The best way to enjoy that irresistible tropical flavor is by choosing a ripe and juicy fruit to begin with. Look for bright, vibrant yellows that are free of cuts, large bruises, or other discoloration.

They should also have a slightly firm texture that gives just a little with a gentle squeeze, like a ripe pear or avocado. Avoid any that are mushy, shriveled, or very hard.

How to eat yellow dragon fruit

How to Cut a Yellow Dragon Fruit

Preparing fresh yellow dragon fruit is really easy. Before anything else, give the fruit a good rinse. Then use a sharp knife to slice it in half from top to bottom, opening it up lengthwise.

Then you can use a spoon to scoop out the flesh and chop or slice it however you like.

Halved yellow pitaya (also called yellow dragon fruit)

How to Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit

There’s no wrong way to enjoy yellow pitaya. Most commonly it’s enjoyed fresh, either eaten as a snack, added to fruit salads, or used as a garnish on desserts like ice cream.

But it can be enjoyed in other ways too, as a flavoring to cakes or breads, or blended into a fruity drink. Just combine juicy, fully ripe chunks of fruit with water, sugar, and ice to make a refreshing tropical beverage!

However you choose to enjoy it, I hope I’ve encouraged you to seek out the stunning and sweet yellow dragon fruit whenever you can. The fruity tropical flavor is easy to love, and since they’re so easy to prepare and eat, it’ll be fun discovering all the ways you like them.

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