18 Chayote Squash Recipes To Enjoy This Underrated Vegetable

There are so many ways to cook and enjoy chayote squash, and all the inspiration you need is right here in one place. Check out this chayote recipe collection to find your next favorite.

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Whether you’re familiar with it or new to chayote (aka mirliton or choko), looking at the amazing variety of ways to prepare it is a great way to inspire some delicious home cooking.

It’s absolutely delicious when simply prepared – just swap it in anywhere you’d use summer squash! But it’s also a fun way to bring Asian, Mexican, and Indian recipes to your kitchen for a little exploration of world flavors.

Whether you prefer it sauteed, stuffed, raw, or grilled, this recipe collection has a ton of ideas to help inspire your cooking. Chayote will quickly become a favorite vegetable in your house.

How to Choose & Prepare Chayote Squash

The first step to having great chayote flavor is by having good-quality vegetables that are ready to cook. Check out these tips to know that you’re choosing, prepping, and storing it as well as you can.

  • They should be firm but not rock hard, green, and free from any blemishes.
  • Choose squash that is heavy for its size.
  • There’s no need to peel or remove the seeds. Both are edible, so it comes down to personal preference.
  • Chayote will last in the fridge for several weeks. Keep them wrapped, or stored in a bag or container to prevent drying out.

With these tips and the collection of delicious chayote squash recipes below to help inspire you, I’m positive you’ll be ready to try out as many as you can. I hope you enjoy both the internationally inspired and classic preparations below.

1. Pickled Chayote Salad with Apple and Radishes

Chayote squash salad

This chayote salad is layered with flavors and textures to create a side dish that can be served warm or cold. With crisp apple, tender chayote, pickled onions, and salty feta, it’s a fresh and delicious salad perfect alongside any dinner.

Recipe by: Yummy Addiction

2. Chayote Hash

Chayote Hash

To make this stir-fry chayote hash is just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Diced chayote squash tossed with herbs & spices is hearty YUM!

Recipe by: Taste of Yummy

3. Chayote Tuna Salad

Chayote Tuna Salad

Light and refreshing this chayote tuna salad recipe is the perfect summer salad recipe to make.

Recipe by: Latina Mom Meals

4. Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables in Coconut Milk)

Sayur Lodeh (Vegetables in Coconut Milk)

Sayur Lodeh is a well-known Indonesian dish originated from Java and made of various of vegetables including chayote. It is a perfect side dish to accompany rice or lontong/ketupat.

Recipe by: What To Cook Today

5. Cinnamon Chayote Pie

Cinnamon Chayote Pie

Cinnamon Chayote Pie makes a fabulous tropical-climate dessert. You won’t believe how it tastes like Grandma’s apple pie. Gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Recipe by: Poppy’s Wild Kitchen

6. Chayote Chili Salad

Chayote Chili Salad

This is a quick, easy, and delicious Asian-inspired salad. Chayote is a fairly neutral tasting vegetable and readily takes on the flavors of the dressing. Here that is garlic, ginger, sesame, soy, and chili.

Recipe by: Primal Wellness

7. Ginisang Sayote

Ginisang Sayote

This ginisang sayote recipe is a simple vegetable dish that is super tasty! Made with chayote and ground pork sauteed in garlic and onion that goes great with steamed rice.

Recipe by: Amiable Foods

8. Chinese Stir-Fried Chayote

Chinese Stir-Fried Chayote

This stir-fried chayote is a great side dish for dinners. Dried shrimp adds great umami flavor to the dish.

Recipe by: Healthy Nibbles

9. Keto Mock Apple Crumble

Keto Mock Apple Crumble

Enjoy this Keto mock apple crumble and you’ll never even miss the apples! It’s made with Chayote squash as a Low Carb substitute for apples and topped with a gluten-free streusel crumble.

Recipe by: Keto Cooking Christian

10. Jicama Chayote Mango Salad

Jicama Chayote Mango Salad

Impress your guests with this crunchy, fresh and easy-to-prepare Jicama Chayote Mango Salad. This salad is nutritious, not expensive to prepare and makes a wonderful side!

Recipe by: Fresh is Real

11. Creamy Chayote Gratin

Creamy Chayote Gratin

This creamy gratin uses an often overlooked vegetable – Chayote squash!

Recipe by: Garlic & Zest

12. Fiesta Veggie Enchiladas

Fiesta Veggie Enchiladas

Fiesta veggie enchiladas featuring corn, peppers, and the underutilized, easy-to-find fresh chayote.

Recipe by: Natural Comfort Kitchen

13. Vietnamese Chayote Squash with Beef

Vietnamese Chayote Squash with Beef

Thinly sliced beef caramelized with crunchy chayote squash, onion, and oyster sauce makes for a delicious, easy, and nutritious side dish.

Recipe by: Balance With Jess

14. Beef Picadillo de Chayote

Beef Picadillo de Chayote

This ground beef picadillo de chayote is a healthy recipe from Costa Rica that combines lean ground beef, squash, cilantro, corn and red pepper for a quick meal or a healthy side dish.

Recipe by: Pura Vida Moms

15. Jamaican Chocho (Chayote) Curry

Jamaican Chocho (Chayote) Curry

This Jamaican Chocho (Chayote) Curry recipe is an aromatic curry, easy to prepare and cook in minutes, the ultimate comfort dish made with the Caribbean curry powder, onion, garlic, ginger, thyme, Scotch bonnet pepper, allspice.

Recipe by: Healthier Steps

16. Spicy Baked Stuffed Chayote

Spicy Baked Stuffed Chayote

This low carb spicy stuffed chayote is a delicious vegetarian dish that can be served as a light lunch or even a side dish.

Recipe by: Keto Vegetarian Recipes

17. Low Carb Keto Apple Pie with Chayote Squash

Low Carb Keto Apple Pie with Chayote Squash

The best low carb Keto Apple Pie you’ll ever make! Tastes just like an authentic apple pie, except it uses chayote squash instead of apples. This mock apple pie recipe uses a keto cream cheese pie crust and sugar free “apple” pie filling.

Recipe by: My PCOS Kitchen

18. Chayote in Spiced Syrup

Chayote in Spiced Syrup

Chayote has a mild taste that makes it is so versatile, going easily from a flavorful savory dish to this delectable dulce de tayota (chayote in spiced syrup).

Recipe by: Dominican Cooking

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