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Chicken Spinach Pasta with Feta Cheese

"Take half an hour to make this scrumptious Chicken Spinach Pasta loaded with feta cheese for dinner. It requires only 7 ingredients. Your family will love it! | yummyaddiction.com

You just got from work, you are feeling tired, but your stomach craves something comforting. Familiar situation? Don’t worry, I got you covered. This Chicken Spinach Pasta packed with feta cheese takes only 30 minutes to make and requires only 7 simple ingredients! From my last posts, you can make an assumption that I am a true chicken maniac or chickenaholic, ha ha! 90% of my last recipes are made with poultry. What can I do guys, it’s my favorite…

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Chicken Yakisoba is a Japanese stir-fry featuring egg noodles, chicken, and tons of veggies. Healthy and delicious. A perfect weeknight dinner! | yummyaddiction.com
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Chicken Yakisoba

September 7, 2016

If you are a fan of Asian takeout food just like me, you will love this Chicken Yakisoba. It’s a stir-fry featuring egg noodles, chicken, and loads of vegetables.…

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