I was intended to make some spinach & artichoke dip but a couple days ago I got the brilliant idea to make a spinach artichoke pasta bake instead. If you like the combination of spinach and artichoke then I can guarantee you will love this dish. Trust me, it’s a real winner!

I decided to add some chicken to this bake because wanted to make this into a more filling meal, but you can definitely leave it out and still have a good vegetarian dish. Your choice.


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These little bites are the best thing ever. Who doesn’t love the chocolate treat that is not only healthy for you, but also tastes great? From my own experience I know that there are those times when you just HAVE to have something sweet. Those times I turn to these little round cuties.

The great thing about these energy bites is that they have some healthy ingredients like oats, flax seeds, raw honey, chia seeds and coconut oil. So many good stuff in one bite!...

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There’s nothing better than good crispy chicken bites dipped in tangy honey mustard sauce. But wait, there’s more! These chicken nuggets are not like the usual ones, they have a secret ingredient – MOZZARELLA. Oh yes, these little babies are stuffed with mozzarella (which I love) so I am guessing these will be a hit!

Some of you may ask, how I did this, so let me show you. The technique is quite simple – just cut a pocket into each piece of...

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This salad is one of my all-time favorites! I love to make this all year long. Spring, summer, fall, or winter – it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. I just crave stuff like this.

Why? Because this combination of flavors is unbeatable! An absolute perfection! And I think you know that, too. Sweet grilled pears, salty prosciutto & feta, crunchy toasted pecans pair really nicely with the unique flavor of the arugula. This salad has a great...

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I love Pinterest and it’s a huge pleasure to see my recipes being pinned by so many people around the world! I’m truly thankful to every one of them. It was my first year in food blogging so the support was really important to me. When you see that someone loves your recipes, it’s easier to move forward!

In this post I’ve collected the 10 most-pinned recipes of the last year from Yummy Addiction blog. If you missed out on any of them before,...

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It’s a cold rainy day today. Yes, rainy, not snowy… The weather outside my window is NOT winter-like at all. But it’s perfect for cooking!

So I decided to make ourselves a tasty batch of caramel fudge. My hubby came up with the amazing idea of adding some ginger to these. It turned out to be a great addition that gave the fudge a nice little kick. Really good!

This fudge has a lovely firm, smooth, creamy texture and a rich, sweet,...

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It’s no secret that me and my hubby love chicken dishes so I’m always trying new ways to prepare it. If you follow my blog, you should already know this. The main keys for my cooking experiments – simple, easy and delicious. These lemon pepper chicken thighs have everything you want in a dish. Very tender and juicy meat, the perfect balance of flavors… Mmm… So good, you’ll want to lick your plate clean!

These chicken thighs are slightly...

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These bars are divine. Seriously. A cookie layer topped by a sweet coconut layer, which is topped by a crunchy peanut layer and the final chocolate layer. Oh, yes. These little guys are so delicious!

And guess what? The recipe is so simple – it’s impossible to make a mistake with these. Take a look at all these layers and tell me how you could resist? Don’t you just want to pop that bite right into your mouth?

I just love those layers...

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My holiday baking continues with these melt-in-your-mouth thumbprint cookies. These cookies may look like popular turtle thumbprints cookies… But they are not.

Thumbprint cookies certainly aren’t anything new. I decided to make these cookies a little different from typical ones. The main and the most important difference is the filling. Instead of salted caramel, these cookies are filled with cream cheese. I love salted caramel, but even more I love cream...

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