Summer is my favorite season of the year. I love green nature, fresh, home grown veggies, herbs (I’m already growing basil on the windowsill in my kitchen), fruits and berries, cold refreshing drinks and fruity flavored ice creams when the temperature starts rising… But really, who doesn’t love these things?!

I made these mini hand pies over the weekend with freshly harvested rhubarb and strawberries. Honestly, I go crazy over the combination...

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Let me present you the perfect appetizer for a spring time gathering. This gorgeous asparagus and goat cheese tart is so easy to prepare and I always receive compliments when I serve it. Trust me, anyone can make this, no matter how bad you think you may be in the kitchen!

I love using puff pastry for all kinds of recipes, especially for quick and easy appetizers like this one. It just makes the perfect crust – light, flaky, tender and flavorful. All without...

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Who doesn’t love a juicy burger? My family definitely does. Let me tell you, these pork burgers are blow-your-mind good!! Taking that first bite, your mouth is flooded with the sweet and sour barbecue sauce which is the key ingredient into making these burgers successfully satisfying.

Just look at this photo… What could be a better proof than this juicy, tasty and totally scrumptious burger in front of you? This burger not only tastes good, but it’s...

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Calling all pasta lovers! There is no question that pasta dishes are one of the best comfort foods. Especially, when it doesn’t require a lot of time, effort or making a mess in the kitchen. This one-pan cheesy pasta bolognese is exactly what you need today!

No boiling, no draining – nothing! The pasta gets cooked right in with the meaty sauce which is so easy to make from scratch. Just keep in mind, you need a LARGE pan (the bigger the better) with...

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I was thinking how to call these meat-stuffed pastries for quite a while. They are very popular in my country – every housewife has her own special recipe. These meat pies are similar to empanadas or Cornish pasties, but much better in my opinion! Originally, they are called kibinai. But here let’s call them pork empanadas, shall we?

They have a thin, melt-in-your-mouth crust and a delicious filling made of pork, leek, onion, dill and parsley. Sour...

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These cookies are not for those who insist that a cookie must be crunchy. They are soft, chewy, moist and cakey – almost like muffin cookies!

One of the main reasons these oatmeal cookies are more cakey than cookie-ish is that I added the applesauce to the dough and reduced the butter to the minimum. Yes, they have a muffin-like texture and are hard to ignore once they come out of the oven!

These carrot cake cookies aren’t very sweet which make...

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I’m always looking for something new and simple that’s good for me – like this healthy eggplant salad that is a great choice for a light and easy dinner. I saw this fabulous salad on TV and was so impressed – I wanted to try it as soon as possible. The combination of eggplant and pomegranate intrigued me a lot… And I’m glad I tried it!

Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables. I like it roasted, fried, but most of all I enjoy...

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I can honestly say that I have never made French onion soup before, and now I really don’t know why. So easy! This homemade version tastes just as good as the restaurant ones I have eaten in Paris 3 years ago!

French Onion Soup is a delicious, rich and classic soup which is perfect all year round. I adapted this recipe from Tyler Florence, so, it’s no wonder why the final result is so amazing.

Yes, I admit, this recipe requires patience and...

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Have you ever dreamed about such a gorgeous cupcake? These are insanely good. Red velvet + Ferrero Rocher = a perfect match made in heaven if you ask me!

Just look at that lovely hazelnut chocolate ball in the middle of the cupcake. Don’t you want to eat this all right now?! Guys, I have good news for you – you can have these delicious cuties today if you follow the recipe below. I promise, you will be absolutely thrilled with the final result!


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