Have you ever tried making your own homemade tomato sauce? There is nothing better than the sauce made from fresh, flavorful ingredients! It is always healthier and tastier than the store-bought ones.

I started making my own tomato sauce somewhere a year ago or so. My hubby and I decided to avoid as much processed foods as possible. It’s really hard to cut out all unnecessary foods immediately so we decided to start little by little. One of those first...

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I am still on my berry craze. Hardly a day goes by without me having some kind of summer berries! This time I decided to make a raspberry blueberry crumb cake because I still have a bunch of raspberries from the last visit to my mom’s garden.

The idea to make this crumb cake was the best one I had in a while! I planned to freeze few bars but it was so popular with my family that everything quickly disappeared from the table. I guess I will have to make...

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A couple of days ago, I finally bought my first Lodge cast iron skillet. So happy!! I kept seeing them all over Pinterest and other food blogs and it felt like everybody else had them but me. Now I have one too!

I was really surprised to find out that Lodge products are available in my country. It is so much quicker and cheaper to purchase them here rather than ordering from US.

However, not everything went perfectly smooth at first. Call me naive but I thought...

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I told you about my little smoothie addiction already. Well, today I have another one for you guys! This time it’s blueberry smoothie with strawberries, spinach and banana. Very yummy! I’ve also added some chia seeds to make this drink even healthier.

Everything about this smoothie is great. It’s refreshing, it’s healthy and it’s freaking delicious! True summer perfection… I finished two glasses of this heavenly drink and I...

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Yesterday my mom called me and asked if I want to come pick some raspberries. Of course my answer was positive and few hours later a big basket full of fresh ripe raspberries was sitting on my table! Almost immediately I started thinking about things I could do with them.

I had some leftover mascarpone in the fridge so I decided to make a raspberry tiramisu (huge tiramisu fan here). I’ve never made such a variation of this Italian dessert before but I must...

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Basil is probably my favorite herb of all. It’s that magical taste and smell that is driving me completely crazy! Basil has such a strong aroma and I LOVE when it spreads all around the house. One sprig of this fresh herb can completely change the taste of your salad or other dish!

My love for basil led me to start growing it at home. I am doing that for few years now and results are really awesome. They grow really well in my conditions.

Apart from...

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After a slow start summer seems to be finally here! Sunny blue sky, warm water, sandy beaches… I absolutely love it! Who doesn’t? However I am facing one and the same problem when hot days arrive – what to eat in the heat? We all want something cool, refreshing and easy-to-make (ah, those lazy summer days…).

Peach and blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream on top. How does it sound? Cool? Yes. Easy to make? Absolutely. Refreshing? You...

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It’s pizza time! Usually when my husband hears these words come out of my mouth, a big smile appears on his face. However, not this time. The thing is that this pizza contains no meat at all – only vegetables and cheese (sorry hubby). My husband is one of those guys who starts rolling his eyes if he fails to find any meat in a plate.

Well, I feel bad for him but I have nothing but LOVE for this veggie pizza! Artichokes, tomatoes, olives, bell peppers...

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Summer is the time when my blender hardly gets any rest. Why? Because I am trying to make as much smoothies as possible! I am having them almost every day. First of all, they are perfect for hot weather. Second, they are healthy.

This time I have made a kiwi smoothie with banana, mango, lime juice and honey. I must say it turned out really great! I love the combination of all these fruits and honey. I also love the fact that this smoothie is a true vitamin C bomb!


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